Anime USA 2016 – Anime, Gaming and Fandom For Otakus

Anime USA is where fandom come together and be aive.

What is Anime USA?

Anime USA is an anime-convention in Virginia and Washington DC that deal with Japanese and otaku culture. If a panel I want to good to is not ready I got there and do some gaming and kill some time. What will be an anime convention without cosplay, cosplay is dressing up as your favorite anime, gaming, movie, comic and TV characters.  Speaking of money, there are dealer room which sells anime merchandise, video games, artwork and etc. Every fandom is welcome to Anime USA convention. The convention is not as big like Otakon but still fun.

If you are hungry you can go to the maid café and host club they make food that apart of Japanese culture. There is an AMV contest which showcase anime music videos.   Watch anime series and movies, performances, workshops and panels.  There is a masquerade ball  which are enjoyable to watch.  It’s true this convention is like a utopia for nerds to get out of the outside world. If you live in the DC area or Virginia and like anime culture this is the convention for you. Learn more about the convention here and others that cons in your area.

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