Anime USA 2017 – Christmas in Japan Impressions

What is my experience in Anime USA 2017?

Anime USA 2017 is average but not better than Otakon. This time is was not many people there because of the Holidays. I still have find in the process and I don’t get a lot of pictures of cosplayers this year ever. First off on Friday I got some Chipotle and it was not crowded at all that’s a surprise to me. Withdraw some money to get a badge and went to the game room because there was no good panel at the time.

I played Tekken 7 and got reckt in the processes but had fun. The person who was using Geese Howard was very good and I main Eliza (waifu). Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite was a fun good despite the character roster. I also played with DLC characters Black Widow, Winter Solder and Vemon. All three character play awesome and Venom was amazing character to use. Black Widow was agile and fast along with Winter Solder durability.

In Street Fighter V I got a hands on experience with some of the newer characters. Zeku is a complex character reminds me of Strider Hiryu. I will do a YouTube video about this on my gaming channel and get more information. Menat is hard to uses and got some of Rose’s moves as well. Kolin was average and Ed is a monster he is my new main. Afterwards I went to some panels such as Disorganization XIII with a rundown of Kingdom Hearts series. Anime & Video Games: A Symbiotic Relationship, Anime Name That Tune and more. There was a anime cosplay dance off but had technical difficulties. To end day one of Anime USA 2017. I watch Cosplay Burlesque show and it was racey and funny.

Day two of Anime USA 2107 was the same as Friday. Game room but I played some other titles such as Magical Drop 2 II, Marvel Vs Capcom, Killer Instinct and Reflec Beat. Afterwards gone to some panels featuring Satoshi Kon and his life’s work of Paprika, Perfect Blue and others. Playing Tekken’s Nina Williams voice actor Lisle Wilkerson and watch new anime. My Cup of Team Maid Café was lively as ever. The menu for tea has Attack on Titans, Dragon Ball and more check it out. Took a few pictures of some cosplay but I wish took more. Masquerade had wonderful skits and great cosplayers struck their stuff.

Overall my experience in Anime 2017 was average but I hope things get better next year. I like to mention some guest I don’t get a chance to see. Edo Bushido was there and they’re hip hop group consist of Asheru, Substantial and DJ AAROCK. Asheru did The Boondocks theme song “Judo Flip” and a panel called Anime Vs Hip Hop. TriForce Quartet is a group of Violinists of play Legend of Zelda songs. Voice actors such as Trina Nishimura (Mikasa from Attack on Titan), Leah Clark (Mavis from Fairy Tail), Chris Cason (Tien Shinhan from Dragon Ball Z) and Chris Patton (Greed from Full Alchemist). Man At Arms make an appearance and Kaffee Talks which you get up close and personal with voice actors.

There is Japanese wine tasting and folk tales but I don’t drink sorry. Anime USA is just enjoy the fandom but educational too. I forgot to add this I brought a RWBY shirt because I already got a lot of anime figures and posters. I watch some AMV and they’re well done and enjoyable to watch. Anime USA 2017 show some good anime such as Anime Gataris, Blood Blockade Battlefront, Dies Irae, Wake Up Girls! New Chapter and Kino’s Journey. That’s my impression of Anime USA 2017 it could be better. Anime USA is coming to October 2018 and I hope more people show up. Make sure you keep the anime fandom alive.

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