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Are you a otaku and love anime gaming?

 If you are an Otaku and love playing video games then this is a blog for you. There is a lot of anime-based games in Japan than the U.S. because is cost of localization. For example, the cost and value of the game, expensive translations, paying for QA/ Certification/ratings, licensing music, art, video and legal fees for trademark and transporting copies to retailers. That’s why some of these anime or manga games will now come to the US because of the cost. There is another way of getting them is import but it cost more than your average 59.99 game. The most played genre in anime gaming

culture is JRPG which sell the most in the US and Japan. What about the other anime gaming genres like fighting, visual novel and others? Will they make better sales in US than Japan? You see people play anime games at conventions which is awesome and there is a community of anime gamers in forums, consoles and social media. When you watch
anime or read the manga you see characters playing video games which goes with Otaku culture. There are also anime-based on video games but some of them don’t follow with the source material. Sometimes the game creator doesn’t follow the original manga story because of the creator’s decision. One Piece Burning Blood producer stated
that “it was a challenge on making an anime-based game” you can read the interview on the bottom of the page. What do you think of anime-based games? Do you like them? So you think more anime and manga based game should come to the U.S?
 Source: Siliconera

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