Ace Attorney – Phoenix is Always Right Anime Review

What is Ace Attorney?

The director who brought you Space Brothers (Ayumu Watanabe) and the writers who written Inazuma Eleven (Atushiro Tomioka). Based on the Capcom’s Ace Attorney video game and it’s animated by A-1 Pictures (same animator that does the Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice). Ace Attorney is a mystery courtroom video game, where you play as a rookie defense lawyer named Phoenix Wright who helps his clients get a not guilty verdict.

Phoenix wright has a rival prosecutor named Miles Edgeworth who’s in his way. Phoenix meets characters on the way such as Maya Frey, Larry Butz, Dick Gumshoe and many more. As the game progress, instead of being a lawyer Phoenix is an investigator that look for clues behind the murder. Phoenix can talk to witness and get help from his closes friends and present the evidence in the court of law. The anime is a adaption of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney and Justice for All.

Does Ace Attorney live to the game?

The series creator Shu Takumi is the script supervisor and is involved in the anime. It didn’t save the anime series but the directing of the show is average. In the anime, the translating of the character’s names are using their Japanese names. Later it change into their respective names which they go by in the video game. For example Phoenix Wright aka Naruhodo Ryuichi, Miles Edgeworth aka Mitsurugi Reiji, Maya Frey aka Ayasato Mayoi and more.

The anime series is missing some key elements from the video game such as Manfred Von Karma has a Taser in Turnabout Goodbyes, Redd White punches Phoneix Wright in Turnabout Sister. My theory is based on the runtime of each episodes they can’t put everything in there. Some parts of the game didn’t make the cut from the anime but I still felt it was a little off. A1 Pictures did a great job with the animation, detailing the character design from the video game. Voice acting was up to par and soundtrack as well. If you want to watch a faithful adaptation I would recommended Persona 4: The Animation. For those who want to get into the Ace Attorney play the video game first before watching the anime.

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