A Near Dawn – Psychological Difficulties Indie Visual Novel Kickstarter

What is A Near Dawn?

Far-off Daydream Games brings you very dark humorous psychological thriller called A Near Dawn. The plot of Near Dawn is Sam Nichols is a  victim of some disturbing psychological difficulties. Sam takes on cases which he gets into dire situations.  Near Dawn indie game  is inspired by Twin Peaks, Ace Attorney, Broken Sword, Blackwell and  Steins;Gate.  Game graphics is very colorful and using traditional frame-by-frame animation. There are two side of Sam light and dark, depending on the player’s playstyle you can’t back on your choice. Near Dawn includes full-voiced speech and narration for the cast. The game give you more freedom than your standard point and click adventure.

There are over 14 characters to interact with based on personality and backgrounds. Multiple endings are also available throughout the game, whether to save someone dearly or murder a victim your choice. Soundtrack is mix with suspense and mellow just listen down below.

What is the benefit?

For support for Near Dawn there is some rewards to look into. $2 is a thank you message, #6 is a early wakeup and will receive Digital Wallpaper and Icon pack with your Name in the Credits#16 Daybreak which covers Digital Copy of A Near Dawn and special early bird price. $20 is the same as Daybreak and #26 High Noon is get the game before it comes out. For more rewards go to the KickStarter page.

Goal of Daydream Games is follows Dark Necessities (hire freelancers $8,500) and Now We Are Talking (full voice audio $12, 500).  Character Power-up (revamp art style $14, 500) and Epilogue Noir ( add a brief epilogue  $16, 500).  Finally Pouchmon Minigame ( a Pokemon-like minigame), Far-off Daydream Games is a small group  and by support them.

You will make their dream and project come to life. The cost of voice acting, writing, programming and music. If you want to try out A Near Dawn there is a demo on Steam,  Itch.io, and  Google Play!.   Support A New Dawn Kickstarter and visit Far-off Daydream Games website for mote information.

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