Save Sam Nishimura – Female Supporting Characters #SaveourSam


Who is Samantha “Sam” Nishimura?

Sam is a best friend of Lara Croft and student in UCL, who studies film. Samantha is half Japanese and Portuguese. She is known for being a wild party girl and rebellious. Lara and Sam comes on trips together. Sam drags Lara away from her Lara studies to go clubbing. During one of Lara trips to Yamatai, Samatha learns more about her Nishmura family history. The main antagonist Mathias using Sam to awaken Humiko. In Tomb Raider reboot, Sam plays a major role in the game. While Sam’s soul was being transferred to Himiko. Lara saves Samatha from Himiko and Mathias. After events of Yamatai, Sam have nightmares about past events. Kidnapped by a cult, who worshipped Solarii. The cult believe Sam was a guardian and the one to bring back Mathias.

Sam is possed by Himiko and Lara wants to help her but refused. She was arrested for assaulting a man for asking for direction.  Sam wanted to solve her own problems. Sam is under Hiniko’s controls and attack several staff members. Himiko was trying to gain full control of Sam but her friends intervene.  Lara is trying to reach Sam to fight Himiko within. Jonan uses Mirror of Wei to suck out Himiko soul out of Sam. Aftermath, Samantha is recovering at the hospital with a self-inflicted stab wound. Lara tells Sam’mother to take her somewhere safe so Trinity wouldn’t find her.

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Twitch Introduces Discord Rooms and Sexually Suggestive Content Rules

Twitch is a big franchise

Twitch is growing and changing by the minute.  As 20,000 million users on Twitch,  who entertain, create and innovate for viewers. Twitch TV wants the platform  to be bigger and better.   They have listen to outcries of gamers and content creators alike. Talking to other streamers in Discord and raiding someone else live stream to get viewers. Cheer for your favorite streamer with bits and donating to help make it better. Working with brands such as Amazon Prime, Curse and many others. The Twitch community is very sacred in the entertainment world.  Again, Twitch expands to cater for streamers and viewers.  There is some news about Twitch news system and rules for the platform.

Twitch X Discord

Twitch introduce new rooms for streamers . These rooms can be setup for subscribers only  and private. The room must comply by  new Twitch community guidelines, meaning no hate speech, sexually suggests and harassment.  If you follow these rules, it doesn’t apply to those people. The reason for rooms because Twitch wants to make the platform  more friendly. Twitch release a desktop app in 2017, which allows video calls and direct messaging. Also the app features a early discord-like serves.  I think this is a great idea for streamer.  Discord is a new way to communicate with other gamers. Twitch might partner up with Discord one day  just like Streamlabs.  This is not nothing new but Twitch did separate rooms already.

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Why is Being a Small YouTuber Sucks Nowadays?

Yesterday I got an email about my anime channel not being monetized by YouTube. Being Small YouTuber is hard especially if you cover saturated niches such as gaming, music, vlogs, reactions and more. Going back to what I am saying about the email (image below). My anime channel is not eligible for monetization because it’s don’t reach 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of watch time. I was not surprise by this because bigger YouTuber make controversial videos that screw small YouTubers. The most notable is Pewdiepie using the N word on his live stream and Logan Paul Aokigahara Forest video. These YouTubers have over million subscribers and a huge fanbase. Sadly I don’t have nowhere near those numbers on gaming and anime channel. YouTube is a huge multimedia company where people can upload videos and share them around the world.

What is wrong with YouTube nowadays?

12 years ago YouTube don’t have monetization but users express interest on making videos and uploading them for fun. Nowadays, Google acquired YouTube and add a new feature for content creators to make money with advertising. The term is called Google AdSense which pay advertisers like McDonalds, Pepsi, Warner Bros, Disney and many more. AdSense able content creators to earn revenue but YouTube takes 40% of the advertiser. People went crazy and hopes to make YouTube their dream job. That’s a pipe dream for some but it’s not a get rich quick scheme. There is an agreement that you can’t talk about how much you make on YouTube. All I can say is not enough to make a living that if you are small.

People uses YouTube to expand their brands and become famous to be on TV or maybe film. There is a lot of successful YouTubers who made it big. We smaller guys want to be like them and inspire by their success. I looked up to Youtubers like Roberto Blake because he gives great advice on being an entrepreneur. I highly recommended check out Roberto Blake channel because he is YouTube certified and know branding.

One day I will be successful as him but I am not right now. Big YouTubers sometime look down on small YouTubers. I have to say this “If it were for small guys like us you won’t that become big”. For example David vs Goliath, a showdown between big and small who will win? A small channel can surpass a big one in a minute. If Dave (small YouTuber) known how to use SEO and Algorithm then Goliath (big YouTuber) will topple.

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The Dangers of Swatting in Online Video Gaming Awareness

Swatting is no joke and prank calling the local authorities is happen on a daily basics. For those who are not familiar with swatting, is it when people call the police to report a crime. This happens online with hackers and internet trolls look up other person’s address or information. That’s why when being a public figure like a YouTuber and Twitch Streamer are easily targeted. Remember to keep your real name, address and other forms of information off the internet. Businesses and entrepreneurs could use their information because customers and clients. Information is send out every day on the inter webs and someone can get a hold of them. The Internet is a great to research on different topics and look up valuable information. There is a dark side on the net of unknown territory.

What does swatting does to people?

What I mean by that is internet trolls and despicable person get a hold of that information. If you are a successful person in life, trolls will defame and cyberbully someone. That person some doesn’t take insult well due to history of bullying at a young age. In the other hand, normal people tend to turn the other cheek and move one. There is a term “hater gotta hate” because those individuals are jealous of your success. Most of the time, their lives are miserable and wish to be a better person. I will tell you this “If you can do better, be a better person” that my motto. Me completely understand why others are successful than. I work hard to achieve my goal to become an entrepreneur but I am not giving up. You heard me trolls and haters “you will not break me with negativity”.

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Are You Passionate About Video Games? Join My Gaming Career!

What is My Gaming Career?

Are you a Twitch streamer or YouTube gamer? Join My Gaming Career its a upcoming gaming website which you can expand your brand. I recently join this  career program and there are some great people on the website. My Gaming Career gives you the tools to grow your brand. Meet other YouTubers, Twitch streamers and gaming bloggers. You can reach them at Discord, Twitter and other social media sites. I haven’t heard about this site until I saw a tweet from streamer named Jammer83. Jammer83 is a various streamer and runs Free Agent Mafia (Twitch community). Give her a watch and follow also tell her I send you. Immediately I saw an opportunity to grow my brand.

In My Gaming Career you can sign up or use your Twitch account. You can set up your account such as name, city, email and etc. Link your social media pages, upload photos, set up donations and more. You can create a page for your team or fan page. There are sections such as news, social media store, Esports, Sponsorship, Affiliates and more. I signed up for a sponsorship and give you exclusive offers and accesses. Affiliates are use as referrals to other sites and get commissions for it. Social Store you can buy packages to help your growth. There is a news feed which bloggers can post articles and share them with others.

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Not Having a Following and Fanbase is Frustrating

How do one get a following?

As a Blogger, Youtuber, Twitch Streamer and soon to be Entrepreneur it’s hard to get a proper following and fanbase. Social media and networking is a great tool to get yourself out there. That’s one part of growing a following, also creating great content for viewers could enjoy and share. What about your persona? What type a person are you? Are you engaging with your audience? Do you take suggestion and criticism from people? That’s the burning question that you will have to answer for yourself. I did a post about growing a YouTube and Twitch channel you can check it out.

Things doesn’t come overnight, it’s takes years to attract viewers, followers and readers to your platform. Maybe one day you might get lucky 5 times out of 10, it’s unlikely that will happen. For instance shout outs, big streamer, bloggers and Youtuber will not shout you out unless there is networking involved. That person will bring in people from his blog, YouTube and Twitch to your platform. If you might get some exposure and that person is responsible for your success and growth.

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In-Game Currency Vs Real Money – Video Game Microtransactions

What is  Microtransactions in video games?

The gaming industry is very big on money. Due to development, time and planning goes into video games. It’s natural that some developers want more money to keep their business a flow. Rip-off players is another thing that developers should take note of. Nowadays, video game developers program video games to have in-game currency. In-game currency is what keep gamers from spending real money. Gamers can earn their content by playing through the game. Majority games have downloadable content which can buy with real money not in-game. Notable, this topic came up with EA release Star Wars Battlefront II (2017 video game). During the release of the game, there was a controversy that EA wanted to players to unlock characters with real money. A lot of fans was not happy about the situation and EA lower the price of the character in response.

Here is the story, in the beta players would have to grind 40 hours to unlock a characters. User on Reddit spent $80 on the Star Wars Battlefront II Deluxe Edition and the characters was not accessible. EA’s Community Team defended the change and stated “the intent to make users earn credits to unlock heroes was to give users a sense of “pride and accomplishment”. The statement that EA’s Community Team Reddit post got 647,000 down votes. Adding insult to injury, EA lower the cost of characters by 75% and in-game campaign credits was reduced. This story gain national attention from Wall Street, CNBC and The Minister of Justice of Belgium Koen Geens. Let’s hope EA fix these change and reflect on what to do next.

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Rockstar Video Gaming Blogger Support and Unity #2

Hello there gaming bloggers if you a week long Thanksgiving. I am back to shoutout some great gaming bloggers out there. If you want to see my previous post go right ahead.  Us gamers are a community that must support one other and unity. Here are some bloggers you guys should check out and support.

8. Mat in the Hat

Mat’s blog revolves around anime, cartoon, unboxing and reviews. Bible verses are available on his site for folks who are in to religion. Mat’s site features wacky gif to make it standout and  TGIF: Friday Funny. Mat receive numerous of awards  and is part of OWLS: Otaku Warriors for Liberty Self-Respect.   One last thing Mat is a huge Square Enix.  fan Follow Matt on Twitter, YouTube and Mat in the Hat blog.

7. The Global Gamer

The Global Gamer talks about gaming and movies. Global has a top 20 list, a poll and guides. The Global Gamer is a upcoming gaming bloggers that needs your support. Check out  The Global Gamer ‘s blog and website is still work in progress.

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Veterans in Video Games Fight To Protect Their Honor #VeteransDay

What is Veteran’s Day?

Happy  Veteran’s Day to all the people who make the ultimate sacrifice for their country.  The blood sweat and tears that our vets had go through. Veterans for something is what drives us to became better person. What is going on right now in the world is horrible.  As a soldier you undergo PSA and other psychological problem in the brain. Enough about that let’s talk about military style video games.   I know veterans love playing video games and some of them are design for military genre. 

I will be discussing some of the best war style video games. There are alot out there and  they’ve became very popular. Majority of gamer who played military style video game have not served. Starting off is Star Wars Battlefront II, sequel to Star Wars Battlefront 2015 reboot. Battlefront II takes Return of the Jedi timeline, where a group of Imperial special forces called Inferno Squad. Witness the destruction of the Death Star II and there mission is to take on the Rebels Alliance.  Star Wars Battlefront II is a step up from it’s predecessor. Player can take control of Luke Skywalker, Kylo Ren, Darth Maul, Darth Maul, Rey and many of the cast. Play as Stormtroopers, Droids and rebel soldiers to fight for honor.   Buy Star Wars Battlefront II 2017 if you are a fan of Star Wars. It will be available on Xbox, PS4 and Steam.

Where are some Veteran’s Day like games?

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Rockstar Video Gaming Blogger Support and Unity #1

Gaming blogger could excel more than food, travel and fashion bloggers.  Here is the unity for gaming blogs and rockstars. In order to be successful in  blogging, there is alot of networking you have to do.  The video game market is very saturated and it’s a tough niche. I when to Twitter and found some gaming blogging websites to look into. We gamers have to support one other and if you want to have unity in blogging. Here is are some rock star gaming blogger I found out. Note: some of them have account and can’t comment on them.

11. AVGL- a video game life

AVGL is a video game blogger who talks about latest video game and has a YouTube channel.  Featuring let’s play on Battleborn, DOTA, Agents of Mayhew and more. Aside from gaming Jonathan post soccer games, UFC matches and tech stuff. Follow Jonathan Hirt on Twitter , Facebook and his blog.

10. NekoJonez’s Gaming Blog

NekoJonez’s gaming blog does reviews, retrospective, first impressions and publishing. Neko has a forum,  Twitter  , Youtube , Steam , Tumblr   and Google+  page. Make sure to follow and support NekoJonez.  NekoJonez is partnered with other gaming bloggers and won award for  Market Inspector Best Technology Blog of 2017. Neko is a aspirating actor and has a community called Arpegi. Be sure to check out Neko’s gaming blog.

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