Save Sam Nishimura – Female Supporting Characters #SaveourSam


Who is Samantha “Sam” Nishimura?

Sam is a best friend of Lara Croft and student in UCL, who studies film. Samantha is half Japanese and Portuguese. She is known for being a wild party girl and rebellious. Lara and Sam comes on trips together. Sam drags Lara away from her Lara studies to go clubbing. During one of Lara trips to Yamatai, Samatha learns more about her Nishmura family history. The main antagonist Mathias using Sam to awaken Humiko. In Tomb Raider reboot, Sam plays a major role in the game. While Sam’s soul was being transferred to Himiko. Lara saves Samatha from Himiko and Mathias. After events of Yamatai, Sam have nightmares about past events. Kidnapped by a cult, who worshipped Solarii. The cult believe Sam was a guardian and the one to bring back Mathias.

Sam is possed by Himiko and Lara wants to help her but refused. She was arrested for assaulting a man for asking for direction.  Sam wanted to solve her own problems. Sam is under Hiniko’s controls and attack several staff members. Himiko was trying to gain full control of Sam but her friends intervene.  Lara is trying to reach Sam to fight Himiko within. Jonan uses Mirror of Wei to suck out Himiko soul out of Sam. Aftermath, Samantha is recovering at the hospital with a self-inflicted stab wound. Lara tells Sam’mother to take her somewhere safe so Trinity wouldn’t find her.

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Twitch Introduces Discord Rooms and Sexually Suggestive Content Rules

Twitch is a big franchise

Twitch is growing and changing by the minute.  As 20,000 million users on Twitch,  who entertain, create and innovate for viewers. Twitch TV wants the platform  to be bigger and better.   They have listen to outcries of gamers and content creators alike. Talking to other streamers in Discord and raiding someone else live stream to get viewers. Cheer for your favorite streamer with bits and donating to help make it better. Working with brands such as Amazon Prime, Curse and many others. The Twitch community is very sacred in the entertainment world.  Again, Twitch expands to cater for streamers and viewers.  There is some news about Twitch news system and rules for the platform.

Twitch X Discord

Twitch introduce new rooms for streamers . These rooms can be setup for subscribers only  and private. The room must comply by  new Twitch community guidelines, meaning no hate speech, sexually suggests and harassment.  If you follow these rules, it doesn’t apply to those people. The reason for rooms because Twitch wants to make the platform  more friendly. Twitch release a desktop app in 2017, which allows video calls and direct messaging. Also the app features a early discord-like serves.  I think this is a great idea for streamer.  Discord is a new way to communicate with other gamers. Twitch might partner up with Discord one day  just like Streamlabs.  This is not nothing new but Twitch did separate rooms already.

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Persona Dancing, Animation and Mobile App Gaming News

What is the news about Persona?

Persona is considered one of the best rpg series ever made. I like to share some news on Persona in general. Atlus might couple of announcements what is coming up in Persona games.  There are a total of four news about Persona. Here is  some news about BlazBlue: Cross Tag.

In BlazBlue: Cross Tag, Persona 4 Kanji Tatsumi is confirmed along with Blazblue’s Platinum the Trinity and Under In-Birth’s Orie.  There are DLC character not on the disc. Kanji got all of his moves from Persona 4 Arena. Let talk about DLC practices of Arc System Works  for  Blazblue Cross Tag. I am disappoint in Arc System Works because of this.  Producer Toshimichi Mori thinks DLC helps developers not to go bankrupt but without support how will they continue.  BlazBlue: Cross Tag Deluxe and Digital Edition  is $69.99 including all DLC characters. Individual characters pack is $4.99 but first is free. Cross Tag Character Collection price is 19.99 but all together is $100. Which is very expensive in my book and make sure to look out for more BlazBlue: Cross Tag announcements soon.

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Power Stone – Journey Around the World Anime Review

What is Power Stone about?

Power Stone anime is based on Capcom’s 3d fighting game. The story is 19th century strong believers of legend, myths and superstition. These people search for fame, fortune and glory, but there is a treasure that will make any dream come true. They’re called Power Stones, which grants power to the wielder based on will. People journey around the world to search for them. While searching for these treasures, others will have to fight in order to obtain the Power Stone. The game is a fighting game that characters use items and transformation to win. In order to transform, players have to gain 3 power stones but it runs out quickly. Each transformation has two super moves. Only way to win is reduce opponent life bar.

In the anime, everyone from the game is present. The story revolves about Edward Falcon, a boxing/fighter pilot who search from his father. Along with his butler Apollis (who he mistreats) set out on a quest to find the answers. Falcon is portrayed in an immature and impulsive man. Apollis reminds Falcon about finding his father but disregards him. Falcon meets the rest of the cast from the game. Ryoma, a wandering samurai looking for strong opponent and considered Falcon’s rival. Rouge, Ayame, Wang-Tang, Gunrock and Galuda. There are anime –only chararacters such as Octo and Puss. Octopus brother are recurring villains along with Kraken. The brothers team up with other villains to steal the Power Stone from Falcon.

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My Gaming Setup and Equipment Recommendations for Content Creator

Why do you need gaming equipment?

If you want to be a content creator. You got to have the right gaming equipment to suit your needs. My gaming setup is for making content on Twitch and YouTube. I had to invest some funds in order buy equipment for my brand. Having an expansive gaming setup gives players innovation experience. In live streams or YouTube gaming videos, viewers will see creators and streamers with top of the line products. Amazon is the best to get gaming gear from companies such as Logitech, NETGEAR and Turtle Beach. Gaming chairs, headsets and gaming PC could get the job done. Notice, some Twitch streamers have donation widget on the panel or overlay. Streamers want viewers to donate and giving them the ultimate experience. For example, money to buy a new computer to replace old.

What about getting a gaming chair and going to TwitchCon? Does that sound greedy to anyone? I understand that times are rough to make ends need. Some streamers are not full-time but part-time having employment. I have an advice “invest in your money” meaning pay bills and don’t buy unnecessary things. It nothing wrong it having a donation button or widget but don’t scam people. Most definitely don’t beg for money online and get a job. Charities is perfectly fine and doing some positive for the community. That being said, here is my gaming setup and products to get started.

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Indies of the Week #50 – Sparkling Indie Gaming Sunday

Welcome to another Indies of the Week. This Sunday’s theme is sparkling today. Tone of a indie is sometimes very lively and witty. The effects indie game show off sparkling and dazzling lights. Adventure and causal indie have lighter tones due to demographic. Whether the game is aimed for younger or adult audience.  Today I have four indies I like to showcase and let see what their are,

Indie 4. Attack on Kitten – Wisp Entertainment

Attack on Kitten is about cats turning into weapons. Players take control of Kat (no pun intended), a cat knight on a quest to save Kingdom of Kitten. The game recreates retro 16 bit  action adventure era. Kat choose up to 8 different shape-shifting cats weapons. The title reminds me of Attack on Titans. There is no tutorial but learn on your own. Fight against fish enemies and bosses.   Collect cats to unlock new abilities and upgrades. Discover hidden secrets and test your platforming skills. Each cats have different abilities to utilize in gameplay. Attack On Kitten is coming soon on Steam.

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Kajan Johnson Says EA Don’t Paid Him for UFC 3 Video Game

Why Kajan is not paid?

In a interview on BloodyElbow, Kajan Johnson express his concern about EA paying him.  He helped EA with motion capture for many characters. Other fighter were paid compensation  instead of him.  I understand video game company have to ask permission to used their likeness. Kajan also have a problem with UFC. Due to promotion and adversting EA’s UFC game. He feels that he is not making any money from promoting for companies.


Kajan stated “I think it’s disgraceful, actually. I think it’s insane”. “I don’t understand how we’re supposed to be such a forward-thinking society”. EA wanted to use popular fighter to promote but get little to nothing.  He Kajan goes on thinking big corporations like EA exploit people for promotions. For example, Youtube some companies contact huge content creators for sponsorship because how many subscribers.  These Youtubers want to be paid because they’re promoting your brand.

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Haymakers/My Big Sister/Worst Dating Sim – Indie Games Hands-on

Here are three indie  games I have tried out. Some of the demos are short and can’t write 300 word post. I have wrote about all three game Haymaker, Worst Dating Sim and My Big Sister. These three game were fun to play and made me laugh. I wrote a post about other hands-on games if you want to check them out. This is more like a review and my overall opinion about each game. First, let get on with the discussing all Haymaker.







Haymaker is a fun 2D platormer about a scarecrow looking for adventure. During my playthough, we meet Lottie and Bobby who looking for a way out. Bobby is amazed at Lotties ability to use Hitch-folk.   In  Haymaker, platforming is so much enjoyable with excellent mechanics. Lottie can zipline from stump, enemies and many others. She can break though blocks by zipline. I can see a speed-runner completing this game.  In my opinion, this is one of the best looking platformers I ever seen. Visuals standout with detail designs of levels and characters.  I am hoping to see more of Haymakers. If you want a light-hearted 2d platformer support Alexander Rosetti and play the demo.

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Indies of the Week #49 – Judgement Indie Gaming Sunday

Welcome to another addition of Indies of the Week. This Sunday’s theme is Judgement. In indies, a hero must face Judgement for his or her actions. Whether their choices leads to turmoil or salvation. It’s up players to decide their Judgement what path the character should face. Let’s get right into today’s indie games.

Indie 6. Stray – Appnormals Team

Stray is a insanity with a twist. Players take control of a unnamed protagonist being trapped in a dark room. He seeks help and discover who kidnapped him. Stay gives players experience on survival and mental issues.  Chatting on a computer, having breakdown and making a choice. The game take inspirations from Tamagotchi with elements of emotions. It has 24 chapters, unlockable rooms and multiple ways to die.   Collect items to survive and dark pixel art. Stray will be available in soon on Steam, IOS and android.  Make sure you check out Appnormals Team website for details.

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Eroticism in Video Games Industry and Character Analysis

Video games can be fun to play with memorable characters and story telling. The debate whether eroticism play a role in video games. SJW (social justice warrior) target video games that portray with women like a sex symbols. I understand eroticism but some people don’t want see gender or race being portrayed in a negative way. There are some single men and women who love fictional characters in video games. Look at Otaku culture, there is a term called Waifu. Waifu is a real life person fantasize 2D fictional characters to think of marriage or girlfriend. Some Otakus don’t like 3D non-fictional men and women because of being rejected and not fitting in. That’s just my opinion on the matter and myself I get look down by women sometimes.


Eroticism In video game and character analysis

I also have waifus (I can’t share that with you guys) but not all 3D non-fictional women are not bad. There penalty of fish in the sea, otakus wants an ideal men and women to be in a relationship. People have preferences on what type of men and women they want. Some video games characters does have ideal personality that a real life people has. Gamers look at that character see what type of person they like. Is the character strong, easygoing, arrogant, cheerful, caring and annoying? That’s the question what is on gamers minds. What about the characters look? What about the character’s body type, stylish hair color, revealing outfits and charm point? I will give some analysis on some characters in video games that face criticism.

First off, is the character from Tomb Raider Lara Croft. Lara is an archeologist finding hidden treasure about the world. Her early character design is brown shorts and tank top. Later her design change due to backlash from critics. Lara was in bikinis and revealing cocktail dresses in Play’s Girls of Gaming. Tomb Raider: Underworld’s creative director Eric Lindstrom felt those sexy poses was out of character. A PlayStation Magazine comment on whether Lara Croft is a role model for young role or embodiment of male fantasy. Later added, the character does attract female demographics but mainly design for males. Mark Cohen differs that erotic characters doesn’t make the game sale but content value.

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