Indies of the Week #47 – Doubtful Indie Gaming Sunday

Happy Sunday and welcome to another addition of Indies of the week. Today’s theme for day  is doubtful.  Certain indie game can be doubtful because of genre. For example, a visual novel style can turn into role-playing. What about horror transforms into hack n’ slash? Developer could tricks the mines of players alike. Let’s see what is doubtful in the indies you will see today.

Indie 5.   Nightmarchers – Wyrmbyte

Nightmarchers is a third-person open world  action rpg shooter. The game is set in Oahu, Hawaii and player take the role of Kai. He has a hidden power within him and his father Honu. Kai is on a mission to take down  Kamapua, a god pig who destroyed Kai village. Nightmarchers has a various method of combat, stealth, gun-blazing and spells. Kai can became a demi god and learn abilities from gods of Hawaii. Unlock 40 skills and upgrades to your abilities. Explore over 50 villages and locations in Oahu Island. Nightmarchers brings national landmarks and stories about Oahu. The player can change deicide how they game plays. This game does reminds of Far Cry 3 and will you help Kai rebuild Oahu. Support Nightmarchers on Fig and Wyrmbyte

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Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid – Yuri Virgin Island Anime Review

Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid is based on Marvelous Valkyrie Drive: Bhikkhuni action hack n slash video game. Valkyrie Drive is similar to Senran Kagura (also made by Marvelous) but different concept. The plot is girls has been effect by Armed Virus and divided by two classes Liberators and Extars. Liberators are welders and Extars are weapons form by sexual intercourse. The whole scenario on people turning into weapons reminds me of Soul Eater but different. I was not new to that troupe in anime but there are others got it. The plot of the Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid is Mamori Tokonome, an Extar who was recently transported in Mermaid Island. Mamori come off an innocent 16 year old who wants to get off Mermaid Island. She has endure bullying due to her last name Tokonome (means virgin in Japanese) and during school.

Who are the main characters in Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid?

The reason Mamori is on Mermaid Island is because she is been effect with Armed Virus. Tokonome is not the only one on the Island. Mirei Shikishima is a Liberator of Mamori and 15 year old solder from an Organization. She is portrayed as emotionless and courageous to protect someone. Mirei and Mamori journeys to Mermaid Island to help other inhabitants. The Island is ruler by the Governor Akira Hiragi, who is portray as a man but later turns out to be female. Charlotte Scharsen is one of the main antagonist of the series and a member Walter. Akira wants girls who are affected with the armed virus to live in peace. Charlotte display cruel method which displeased her Commandeur Kasumi Shigure and others.

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Fetish Studio Early Access Demo- Anime Style BDSM Hands-on

Developed Distraction put out am early access demo of Fetish Studio.   Fetish Studio is a dating sim indie game where you play as a unnamed protagonist.Player’s purpose is to interact with well-endowed anime girls and get intimate with them. The demo is limited only interact with certain girls and can’t trade. This is not a all girls game but there is some male characters.   The game has shops but only final release but cannot be access in demo. First, you have to help people to such as finding cellphone, going to apartments to find clothes and more. It’s the player choice to not do them. In the demo, there is no choice but problem occur while playing. Note: This game is not for children under 18 and contain adult themes.

What problems in Fetish Studio?

I know it’s a demo but went I am in window mode. I use a mouse and keyboard to interact with object and girls. Mouse doesn’t stay on the game but drags off the desktop. Second, gamepad can’t turn around with the thumbsticks. Third, can’t enter some buildings such as beach house and town hall. Fourth, graphical issues of the characters  can be improve. Lastly, can’t interact with people walking about and question marks.  Those are the problem I have with the game. I really hope Developed Distraction will fix these issues and more bugs might be present in the future.


What do I want to see in Fetish Studio?

I know I am not a developer of the game but I have some suggestions. Have some more BDSM option other than tickling. Voice acting I know it’s expensive but that can be one of the Pateron goals. Different girls with body types such as fat, thin and average. More dialogue and choice system for multiple endings. I know this is embarrassing but physis system for female characters. Gravure mode like Dead Or Alive Xtreme were female character try on different outfits. Affection system like Huniepop, what I mean by that is the more the player maintain relationship. The girls will have purse a sexual relationship but if lower she will hate you. I know there is more but I can’t think of it right now.


Why should you support Fetish Studio Patreon?

Fetish Studio is every otaku dream to tickle 2D hot anime girls. The game is a open world dating sim . You can build your studio, make friends and get employment to buy things. Players must maintain a good relationship with your friends or clients to be successful. Developed Distraction first goal is release a demo, booking slots and studio upgrades in latest update. Second, is game upgrade with economics system. Third, Developed Distraction is starting a Fetish Studio mass multiplayer online (MMO). Last goal, is  Fetish Studio VR game.

I would say this game has be in laughter in tickling girls. I had fun with the game and looking for to the update version. I know can’t do a let’s play on YouTube because nudity.   Developed Distraction mean brings this game to Steam and release a censored version. Fetish Studio has alot of ecchi and fanservice elements in the game. I am not surprised by this because I am a anime fan myself. Support Developed Distraction and Fetish Studio on Patreon.



Indies of the Week #46 – Diverse Indie Gaming Sunday

Welcome to another addition of Indies of the Week # 46. This Sunday’s theme is diverse, in indies games different genre come together. Diverse in indies such as characters, style and many more. Let’s see what indies we have today.

Indie 4. Ganbare! Super Strikers – Rese

Ganbare! Super Strikers  takes inspiration from manga such as Captain Tsubasa and Inazuma Eleven. This game has a mixture of tactical rpg and soccer.  Customize your team and player with items to boost stats. Learn special abilities along with anime style cutscenes.  Each ability altered stats such as sleep, silence and poison. Story mode is players take a role of a japanese team on their way to the World Cup. Game modes also available Quick Match, League and Tournament.  Download Ganbare! Super Strikers on and support Rese.

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Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV – Lucis Vs Niflheim Movie Review

Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV is a CGI prequel to Square Enix’s Final Fantasy video game. The movie doesn’t focus on Noctis Lucis Caelum but a new main character Nyx Ulric. Noctis father Regis Lucis Caelum CXIII does make an appearance in this film. Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV is not the only CGI Final Fantasy movie ever made. There are Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children and Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within make sure to check these movies out. Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV plot is Niflheim is at war with Lucis. King Regis Lucis Caelum CXIII want to end the war between Niflheim, Regis purpose a peace treaty with Niflheim emperor Iedolas Aldercapt. Not just a peace treaty but arrange marry with Prince Noctis Lucis Caelum and princess of Tenebrae Lunafreya Nox Fleuret.

History and production of Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy

Nyx Ulric (voiced by Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul) who is a member of the Kingsglaive guard. Nyx is task by commander Titus Drautos (voiced by Adrian Bouchet) to protect Lunafreya Nox Fleuret (voiced by Lena Headey) from Niflheim. He learns about mysterious of Lucis and afraid of saving the people he cares about.  Since, Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV was made and decided to make additional media. They want a similar style of Compilation of Final Fantasy VII and have a connection to Fabula Nova Crystallis Final Fantasy mythos and stories.

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6 Anime and Manga Video Game Basted Adaptation News


Last year I talk about two anime and manga-based game coming in 2018. The Seven Deadly Sins: Knights of Britannia and  Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time coming to consoles.  There are some news about Koei Temco’s Attack On Titans 2 and many more.  I will talk about each series, features and gameplay.

Gintama Rumble

Gintama series  about  samurai named Gintoki Sataki, who does odd jobs for people in Edo, Japan. Gintoki is accompanied by Shinpachi who want to save his father dojo and the straight man of the series. Kagura, a yato (alien race with super strength and sensitive to sun). Together Gintoki, Shinpachi and Kagura formed Yorozuya, the three tackle the worst problem in Edo, Japan. Gintama is very popular manga by Hideaki Sorachi and has alot of reference from other anime. Gintama Rumble is a hack n’ slash mob battle game featuring major Gintama cast. Choose Gintama, Shinpachi, Kagura, Isao Kondo and Toshiro Hijikata with unique abilities.  Gintama Rumble features 1-on-1 boss battles, awaking to boost your attacks and unleash ultimate attacks.

Unlock finish cut-ins and scenes from the anime. Different combination attacks will activate effects in-game. Call on 3  assist character from Gintama series such as Elizabeth, Sadaharu and Ayame Sarutobi. There are 8 chapters in Gintama Chronicle. Relive the story arcs in the Gintama anime. Benkizaulra, Yoshiwara in Flames, Kabukicho’s Four Deities, Baragaki, Nation’s Courtesan, Farewell Shinsengumi and more. There are side stories along side of the main story. Kabuki Ulimate Rumble is a original story and it’s a parody of Dragon Ball. Playable characters will have to collect wish-granting orbs and fight against each other. Get points to unlock assist and playable characters . Gintama Ruble will be available on January 18, 2018 for PlayStation 4.  

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Indies of the Week #45 – Nostalgia Indie Gaming Sunday

What is indie theme for Sunday?

Happy new year to all and welcome to the first indies of the week in 2018! Today theme is nostalgia this sunday morning. Indies games remind you on past video game. There will be some indies that touch your gaming childhood.  Here is some indies that will remind you of 80s or 90s.

4. Happiness Drops – ARES Inc

Happiness Drops is a puzzle falling game which you play as 5 magical girls. The game has a blend of visual novel elements and high anime tone. There are several game modes which as story, endless, versus and ranking. Goal of the game is to cluster your opponent with blocks to win.  Each magical girl has unique skills and personalities.  Happiness Drop look like a fun puzzle game for anime fans and it’s available now on Steam.

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Into The Hoops Alpha – Basketball Drama Demo Hands-on

Into The Hoops is a basketball visual novel and dating sim indie game.The story of  Into The Hoops is about a high school basketball player named Yuu Kazehaya. Yuu goes to  Taiyou High School and his team won the  regional tournament. Now Taiyou basketball team is now training to complete in the Interhigh Championship which is 45 days way. Yuu is failing in school and the only way he will play is to study for exams. Although Yuu doesn’t care about school and loves playing basketball with his teammates. His childhood friend Yui is worry about him and his grades. Will Yuu focus on his studies or will his future be a slam dunk?

What do you do in the game?

Into The Hoop has a blend of Slice of Life and high school drama in this game. Yuu and Yui is now the only characters to meet in this game. Yuu teammates and members of Taiyou basketball team like Kenji, Mamaoru, Jin, Daichi (team captain) and Emi (team manger).  In the game, you can interact and build relationships with them.  Yuu has money and make sure you spend it wisely. Money could be use to buy food, supplies and etc. In the demo, you up to five days  and experience Yuu school life. The game has limited voice acting but there will be more in the full version of the game.

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The Dangers of Swatting in Online Video Gaming Awareness

Swatting is no joke and prank calling the local authorities is happen on a daily basics. For those who are not familiar with swatting, is it when people call the police to report a crime. This happens online with hackers and internet trolls look up other person’s address or information. That’s why when being a public figure like a YouTuber and Twitch Streamer are easily targeted. Remember to keep your real name, address and other forms of information off the internet. Businesses and entrepreneurs could use their information because customers and clients. Information is send out every day on the inter webs and someone can get a hold of them. The Internet is a great to research on different topics and look up valuable information. There is a dark side on the net of unknown territory.

What does swatting does to people?

What I mean by that is internet trolls and despicable person get a hold of that information. If you are a successful person in life, trolls will defame and cyberbully someone. That person some doesn’t take insult well due to history of bullying at a young age. In the other hand, normal people tend to turn the other cheek and move one. There is a term “hater gotta hate” because those individuals are jealous of your success. Most of the time, their lives are miserable and wish to be a better person. I will tell you this “If you can do better, be a better person” that my motto. Me completely understand why others are successful than. I work hard to achieve my goal to become an entrepreneur but I am not giving up. You heard me trolls and haters “you will not break me with negativity”.

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