Indies of the Week #37 – Narration Indie Gaming Sunday

Welcome to another indies of the Week #37 this Sunday. Sorry there is no Halloween edition today. Although there is a cute and scary edition if you want to check it out.  Today’s theme is narration, story telling in indies game take you on a journey. How heroes have a goal they must follow and put your in a fantasy world.  Without further ado lets get started on some indies.

Indie 7. Hellbreaker – Tahoe Games

Hellbreaker is a vertical-action roguelike indie game. Players take control of a man with a demon-like claw. Fight your way demons from hell and execute combos. Unlock new character as you progress through the Hellbreaker. Watch out for traps and gain power to destroy enemies.  Will you climb your way out of hell?  Check out Toga Productions website for more on Hellbreaker.

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Blizzard Confirms Pharah From OverWatch Has Native Heritage

What is the problem about heritage?

Blizzard’s Overwatch is known for having characters from different ethnicities and background.    Offense hero Pharah appears to hail from Egypt. Pharah thunderbird skin gives us some insights on her heritage.  Her mother Ana is Egyptian and Pharah father is from the Pacific Northwest coast.

Pharah backstory is her real name is Fareeha Amari and is a security officer. She wears Eye of Horus tattoo on her right eye which symbolize being egyptian. Abilities of Pharah such as Jump Jets, Concussive Blast, Hover and Rocket BarragePharah wants to follow in her mother footsteps.

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Indies of the Week #36 – Amusing Indie Gaming Sunday

Welcome to another indies of the Week  #36 this Sunday. Today’s is amusing, in indies game could be fun. Player are amusing at the gameplay and character designs. Indies are fun right, we have alot of Sunday games to get to. Let see what amusing indies we have this week.


Virtual Earth Survival is a sandbox MMORPG indie game. VEO is in the development stage at the moment. Hands-on the player is stuck on a island and have to build shelter. Gather materials and hunt for food to survival.  Virtual Earth Survival reminds me of Minecraft’s heart system. Day and Night system is like Minecraft as well beware of predators. Check out VEO Games website for more details about Virtual Earth Survival. Download Virtual Earth Survival demo and try it for yourself.

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Oppaidius Summer Trouble – 90s Inspired Ecchi Visual Novel

What is Oppaidius Summer Trouble?

Girl with giant breast you don’t see ever day. The Kickstarter has featured on Crunchyroll, TGG, Lewd Gamer and many more. Oppaidius Summer Trouble does not have sex scenes but ecchi moments.  The full game will have up to 10,000 worth of text. Vittorio Giorgi has a background of doing art in comics. He loves three things drawing, videogames and oppai (lol). It least he is honest about his preference. Giorgi tries to fund the game by Summer 2018. I think it’s great for a steamy game.  Vittorio is not alone in the project. Matteo is a programmer for Oppaidius Summer Trouble.  The development process is cutting some part of the game. Budget plays a huge factor for video game developing.  Giogi already paid for the music, scripts and things for the demo.

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Will Fighter Z Save Dragon Ball Fighting Game Franchise?

While Dragon Ball FighterZ is the most anticipated anime fighting game in 2018. Dragon Ball fighting game has been salty lately. Last Dragon Ball games was Extreme Butoden on Nintendo 3DS. Before Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 was an average game. Folks who don’t know what Dragon Ball series about here is a summary. Dragon Ball resolves about a boy named Goku who is a Saiyan from another planet. Goku meets characters such as teenage girl named Bulma, a monk named Krillin and others along the way. During Goku’s adventure he and his friend search for seven Dragon Balls which grant you three wishes.

What is Dragon Ball series?

Various villains get in the way of Goku on his journey, willing to become stronger and willing to save planet earth. Dragon Ball series is created by Akira Toriyama who created characters for Dragon Quest and Chrono Trigger. Also worked on Dr. Slump, Go! Go Ackman and Jaco the Galactic Patrolman. Dragon Ball is the most well-known franchise in the world today and continued to grow for decades. As a fan of Dragon Ball franchise I am happy to grow up with it. Character developments, battles and story arcs what made the series great.

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Sonic Forces X Hooters – Sega Promotional Collaboration in Tokyo

What is Hooters?

No one seen this coming on a mile away. Sega and Hooters are coming together to promo Sonic Forces. Last month at Tokyo Game Show, Sega announced they’re doing some promotions. This came out of nowhere, Hooters and Sega teaming up. For those who don’t know what Hooters is lets refresh your memory.  Hooters is a sport bar with hostess dress in orange mini short and white t-shirts. The food Hooter serve are chicken wing with your choice of sauce, onion rings, seafood, salads and burgers. Check out Hooters menu and see what catch your eye. Sega’s latest IP Sonic Force is about, Sonic the Hedgehog leads a team to stop Dr. Eggman and other villains. Classic Sonic returns to add modern Sonic with new characters.

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Indies of the Week #35 – Cute & Scary Indie Gaming Sunday

Welcome to another Indies of the Week #35 this Sunday. Today’s theme is cute & scary. Indies have a theme based on cute or scary motifs and settings. Demographic of indies maybe aimed for younger or adult audience.  Tone of the indies range from light and dark. Let see what indies we have for today.

Indies 6. Doki Doki Literature Club! – Team Salvato

Doki Doki Literature Club! is a visual novel indie game. The concept of this Doki Doki Literature Club revolves about a Literature Club who want to dream. There are four girls in the Literature Club Sayori,  Natsuki, Yuri and Monika. Interact with the girls and multiple endings. Doki Doki Literature Club not for children don’t underestimate it. Doki Doki Literature Club is available for free on Steam and visit Team Salvato website.

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Blizzard and NetEase Sues China Developer for Overwatch Rip-off

Another Overwatch ripoff

Oh boy another video game company wants to rip-off Overwatch. Heroes of Warfare from the screenshots it looks similar. Blizzard China and NetEase sucing chinese for violates intellectual property’s unfair competition law. For example, the interface doesn’t look like Overwatch. Take a look, you see icons such as mail, friend, trophies and three games modes. On the main title screen, you see the hero posing like Overwatch.  You see there is a difference between the two games. Heroes of Warfare is on a mobile device. Overwatch is for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles. Blizzard and NetEase want an apology and have Heroes of Warfare to be taken down from App Store.

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Cloud Strife Was Almost a Guest Character on Soul Calibur 2

Cloud as a guest character in Soul Cailbur 2

15 years since Soul Cailbur 2 released on PlayStation 2, Xbox and Gamecube.  Namco is notorious for bring in third party characters in Soul series.  Release of Soul Calibur 2 was one of the most stable in the franchise.  Fourth installment of Soul Cailbur things started to go downhill. Let’s not talking about the franchise as a whole. A recent episode of a podcast called 8-4 Play. Where Nao Higo localizer for Namco Bandai discuss about  his past experience in the gaming industry. During development of Soul Cailbur 2, when looking for guest characters for PlayStation 2 version.  Higo stated that “A deal fell through on that one — it was supposed to be someone else,”.  “So, apparently they were working out a deal with Cloud. “It would have been incredible, [but] at the last minute it got canned.”  Which Final Fantasy VII was not on PlayStation 2 at the time.

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Dr. Disrespect Tears Up When Fan Stated That “I Enjoy Watching You”

What is wrong with Dr. Disrespect?

For streamers Twitch like Dr. Disrespect, you never know what to expect on Twitch. Dr. Disrespect live stream of Player’s Unknown Battlegrounds. Dr. Disrespect put out a Twitch highlight called “Doc meets a fan”. Disrepect rambles about how annoyed he gets while streaming. A fan reach out to Dr. Disrespect stating that ” I enjoy watching you”. Dr. Disrespect stops playing the game and walks out. Comes back to his gaming chair in cries. Twitch is a wonderful community and that’s streamers love it. Those who have not hear of Dr. Disrespect is an award winning international champion in the online gaming community. Over 100 million followers and is a full-time streamer. Check out Dr. DisrespectLIVE on Twitch and follow him on Twitter or Discord.

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