Nintendo Creators Program Doesn’t Allow YouTube To Live Stream

What is Nintendo Creators Program ?

Nintendo is no stranger to Youtube controversy and creators. YouTubers who are apart of the Nintendo Creators Program can’t live stream. This is a blow to the chest from some content creators. YouTubers promote and support the video game industry.  If bigger YouTubers play a Nintendo games 50 times out of 10. Viewers will likely to buy it if they uses Amazon. Some might upload Nintendo content to show love and passion about the game. Nintendo Creators Program allow users to monetized Nintendo related videos.  Nintendo is partnered with YouTube to create this program. YouTube video creators share revenue with Nintendo. To register for Nintendo Creators Programs you will need a Paypal and Google account. Register your channel if eligible, it will talk up to 3 business days for your channel be reviewed. Advertisement revenue share is 70% for channels and 60% for videos.

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Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Tribute and Gaming Coverage

What is great about Final Fantasy?

As of today Final Fantasy turns 30th and has been an Iconic role- playing game of all time. I been playing Final Fantasy in the 90s and enjoy the story and music. Final Fantasy franchise has talking Japan by storm with characters and fandom. Let’s talk about my experience with Final Fantasy. The first Final Fantasy game I ever played was Final Fantasy 7 on PlayStation. Final Fantasy 7 is a great game Cloud was an interesting character and along with Aerith, Tifa and Sephiroth. Remember playing Final Fantasy all night see what was going to happen next. Facing bosses and leveling was amazing. I highly enjoy playing Final Fantasy and growing up with it.

Final Fantasy franchise has been popular seen 1990s. Fans alike reminds the most iconic characters to be ever made.  The storyline is well written and universe. Don’t forget Moogles and Chocobos those creatures that every love to have.  The franchise goes deep from melodrama to tragic in one take. Character designs range from genetic and mysterious.  Tetsuya Nomura gave characters identity. He work on many Final Fantasy games in the past.  His design style is mix with anime to western. Kingdom Hearts another great Square Enix title. That series is apart of Final Fantasy family as well.

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Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV – Crown Prince Anime Review

What is Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV?

Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV is a 5-part anime ONA based on Square Enix’s hit game Final Fantasy XV. Brotherhood is directed by Soichi Masui and animated by A-1 Pictures. This is not the only time Square Enix and A-1 Pictures did a collab together, it was a short animated flim called “On the way to a Smile”. Which was a part of Final Fantasy VII: Children Complete Edition, both Square Enix and A-1 Pictures was willing to work together again. The plot is the same as game but the ONA explore the backstory of Noctis’s loyal companions Gladiolus Amicitia, Prompto Argentum, and Ignis Scientia.

During the development of the Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV.  Due to budget of Brotherhood being a free anime, the creators want the anime to a wide audience.

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Indies of the Week #32 – Time Indie Gaming Sunday

Welcome to another addidtion Indies of the Week #32  this Sunday. Today’s theme is time, time in indies sets in the past or future. The story of an indies can take you on a journey of the character. Let’s see what indies we have store for today.

Indies 6. Lethal League Blaze – Team Reptile

Lethal League Blaze is the sequel to Lethal League and it’s a projectile fighting game indie. There is a teaser trailer for the Lethal League Blaze on the website.  Lethal League Blaze has more characters and game modes to choose from. Enhance graphics making the game more high quality.  Along with the final boss of  Lethal League  Doombox  is making a return.  4 player multiplayer local and online is  back. If you want more info about Lethal League Blaze head to Team Reptile wesbite and Discord.

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The Devil’s Eight – Music Boss Rush Indie Game KickStarter

What is The Devil’s Eight?

Second Step Studios bring us a music-based boss rush indie game called The Devil’s Eight. The Devil’s Eight takes inspiration from Furi and Super Smash Bros. Furi was a very hard game but no performer mechanics. Developer noted that The Devil’s Eight is hard just like Furi. Art style of Devil’s Eight has an comic book and neon look to it. Character designs look in-depth. Gameplay style is 2D plaformer with movement such as dash, free-fall, wave-dash and more. Fighting bosses is circling around each of them and dodging their attacks. There are two types of gameplay Limbo and Lust. Limbo is a standard platformer and combat such as blocking attacks.  Lust gameplay is advanced with parse a multitude of attacks all at once. After processing throughout Devil’s Eight, bosses will be very hard to face. Exploring each world of Devil’s Eight, there will be unique way to face bosses.

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Thimbleweed Park – Strange Town Video Game Review

What is game about?

Thimbleweed Park is the spiritual successor of Maniac Mansion and The Secret of Monkey Island. The designers who brought those two game brings you Thimbleweed Park. Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick is back with a brand new game. Terrible Toybox’s Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick who was former Lucas Arts employee. Now Ron and Gary created a unique IP that pay homage to 90s LucasArts point and click days.  Winnick proposed to make a new game based on older LucasArts adventure games. Ron Gilbert wanted to crowdfund the game on Kickstarter.

Thimbleweed Park kickstarterwas launched on November 18 2014. The financial goal was $375,000 and raised $626,250 and crowdfunding was successful and Gilbert wanted to parody TV shows like Twin Peaks, The X-Files and True Detective. The development took six months in additional artist, part-time musician and programmers. The plot of the Thimbleweed Park is about two government agents named Ray and Reyes. Ray and Reyes arrive at a small town called Thimbleweed Park to investigate a murder.

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Sonic Mania – Back to the Genesis Era Video Game Review

What is Sonic Mania?

Take to go back to the past with Sonic Mania. Sonic is back on a new adventure with Tails and Knuckles. Sonic Mania is a fanservice galore for Sonic the Hedgehog fans alike.  Whitehead present and developed a prototype called Sonic Discovery to Takashi lizuka. Lizuka was excited about the prototype and suggest to include old levels from the series. Lizuka and Whiteman came up with the name Sonic Mania.  The story comes after Sonic & Knuckles. Sonic and Tails journey to Angel Island to investigate a powerful energy reading. Doctor Eggman who steals the Phantom Ruby along his henchmen Hard-Boiled Heavies. Now it’s up to Sonic and Tails to defeat Eggman and Hard-Boiled Heavies for it too late.

Players  can choose up  Sonic, Tails and Kncuckles to stop Eggman. Sonic Mania gameplay is the same as past Mega Drive  games. The basic controls are spin dash, jump and special skill. Tails could fly to certain areas of the level. Knuckle’s gilding  and climbing skill  are useful for highter places. Towards the end of each level in the game. Player must face sub bosses and Eggman himself.
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Indies of the Week #31 – Comedic Indie Gaming Sunday

Welcome indies of the week #31 this Sunday. Today’s theme is comedic. Indies with comedic tone. People don’t have to be serious about indies. Indies could make you laugh and cry as well.  Comedic brings light into seriousness in video games. Let see what indies we got today.

Indie 4.  Plunge  – SpookyBuns

Plunge is an isometric turn indie game. Concept of the game is you play as Billy. Who’s trap inside infinite medieval prison and try to escape. Solve puzzles to defeat prison guards. Select 3 different character with unique abilities. Collect perks to enhance your skills. Plunge has awesome comic book style graphics. Visit SpookyBuns website to get all latest updates for Plunge.

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Has Pewdiepie Gone Too Far Using Racial Slurs In Live Stream

What is going with Pewdiepie now?

Pewdiepie is YouTube’s golden boy and populat YouTuber with millions subscribers.Real name Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellber from Sweden, Pewdiepie is a let’s player blend with comedy. Having a larger fanbase than some YouTubers.  Felix has been in television shows like South Park and his own video game Brofist. Pewdiepie makes over million dollars off YouTuber alone. Now Pewdiepie is in hot water due to a string of controversy. Latest news that Pewdiepie uses the N word on his live stream. Later on apologize for saying the word, alot of people didn’t buy it. Felix supporters defend him regardless how popular Felix is. For myself it don’t surprise me at all because Pewdiepie has a history with racist videos. Pewdiepie did a reaction video about jews and wearing a NeoNazi suit.

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Nintendo Direct 9.13.2017 Showcase and Game Coverage

What in store on Nintendo Direct?

Last Nintendo Direct was at E3 2017.  Direct starts off with Yoshiaki Koizumi greeting viewers and introducing Nintendo Direct 9/13/2017. Koizumi stated that Nintendo Direct will showcase games from Nintendo 3DS and Switch. Pokemon Utra Sun and Moon is preview first and there are 4 updates. First The Key of the Story: Nercozama is about a Pokemon that steals life. Now Nercozama transforms into two forms  by talking over two legionary Pokemon.  Second is new areas of Alola, explore the bleach and valley of Pikachu.

Gotta catch Pokemon

Main characters have new costumes and third bonuses. Players who purchase Pokemon Ultra early will receive special dusk form Lycanroc.  Retro fans Pokemon Gold and Sliver will appear in Virtual Consoles on September 22. Purchase either one and receive the Pokemon Celebi.   Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon will be available on November 17. Nintendo 2DS XL has a Pokemon Edition available on Novermber 3.

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