Sonic Forces X Hooters – Sega Promotional Collaboration in Tokyo

No one seen this coming on a mile away. Sega and Hooters are coming together to promo Sonic Forces. Last month at Tokyo Game Show, Sega announced they’re doing some promotions. This came out of nowhere, Hooters and Sega teaming up. For those who don’t know what Hooters is lets refresh your memory.  Hooters is a sport bar with hostess dress in orange mini short and white t-shirts. The food Hooter serve are chicken wing with your choice of sauce, onion rings, seafood, salads and burgers. Check out Hooters menu and see what catch your eye. Sega’s latest IP Sonic Force is about, Sonic the Hedgehog leads a team to stop Dr. Eggman and other villains. Classic Sonic returns to add modern Sonic with new characters.


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Indies of the Week #35 – Cute & Scary Indie Gaming Sunday

Welcome to another Indies of the Week #35 this Sunday. Today’s theme is cute & scary. Indies have a theme based on cute or scary motifs and settings. Demographic of indies maybe aimed for younger or adult audience.  Tone of the indies range from light and dark. Let see what indies we have for today.

6. Doki Doki Literature Club! – Team Salvato

Doki Doki Literature Club! is a visual novel indie game. The concept of this Doki Doki Literature Club revolves about a Literature Club who want to dream. There are four girls in the Literature Club Sayori,  Natsuki, Yuri and Monika. Interact with the girls and multiple endings. Doki Doki Literature Club not for children don’t underestimate it. Doki Doki Literature Club is available for free on Steam and visit Team Salvato website.






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Blizzard and NetEase Sues China Developer for Overwatch Rip-off

Oh boy another video game company wants to rip-off Overwatch. Heroes of Warfare from the screenshots it looks similar. Blizzard China and NetEase sucing chinese for violates intellectual property’s unfair competition law. For example, the interface doesn’t look like Overwatch. Take a look, you see icons such as mail, friend, trophies and three games modes. On the main title screen, you see the hero posing like Overwatch.  You see there is a difference between the two games. Heroes of Warfare is on a mobile device. Overwatch is for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles. Blizzard and NetEase want an apology and have Heroes of Warfare to be taken down from App Store.

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Cloud Strife Was Almost a Guest Character on Soul Calibur 2

15 years since Soul Cailbur 2 released on PlayStation 2, Xbox and Gamecube.  Namco is notorious for bring in third party characters in Soul series.  Release of Soul Calibur 2 was one of the most stable in the franchise.  Fourth installment of Soul Cailbur things started to go downhill. Let’s not talking about the franchise as a whole. A recent episode of a podcast called 8-4 Play. Where Nao Higo localizer for Namco Bandai discuss about  his past experience in the gaming industry. During development of Soul Cailbur 2, when looking for guest characters for PlayStation 2 version.  Higo stated that “A deal fell through on that one — it was supposed to be someone else,”.  “So, apparently they were working out a deal with Cloud. “It would have been incredible, [but] at the last minute it got canned.”  Which Final Fantasy VII was not on PlayStation 2 at the time.

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Dr. Disrespect Tears Up When Fan Stated That “I Enjoy Watching You”


For streamers Twitch like Dr. Disrespect, you never know what to expect on Twitch. Dr. Disrespect live stream of Player’s Unknown Battlegrounds. Dr. Disrespect put out a Twitch highlight called “Doc meets a fan”. Disrepect rambles about how annoyed he gets while streaming. A fan reach out to Dr. Disrespect stating that ” I enjoy watching you”. Dr. Disrespect stops playing the game and walks out. Comes back to his gaming chair in cries. Twitch is a wonderful community and that’s streamers love it. Those who have not hear of Dr. Disrespect is an award winning international champion in the online gaming community. Over 100 million followers and is a full-time streamer. Check out Dr. DisrespectLIVE on Twitch and follow him on Twitter or Discord.

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Indies of the Week #34 – Battle Indie Gaming Sunday

Welcome to another Indies of the Week # 33 this Sunday. Today’s theme is Battle, in indie games fighting is everything. Heroes could live to fight another day and never give up. Lets see what indies we have today.

8. My Lovely Daughter – Toge Productions

My Lovely Daughter  is a simulation game with that involve alchemy.  The game want to focus on the idea that “life is not beautiful. The story of My Lovely Daughter revolves around Faust who raise varieties of homunculus to help growing the soul to revive his daughter. The goal of My Lovely Daughter is to build relationships with homunculus in order to be sacrificed. Buy materials to make homunculus and raise them. Feed the souls of the homunculus to your daughter. My Lovely Daughter will be available soon for Steam and visit Toge Productions website






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Gravity Falls – Fight Fighters and Real Girl Double Episodes Overview

Here is a double overview of Gravity Falls episodes Fight Fighters and Soos and the Real Girl. Both Gravity Falls episodes deal with video games. Fight Fighter is from season 1 and Soos and the Real Girl is from Season 2. For those who don’t know what Gravity Falls about here is a summary. The story goes its summer vacation in Gravity Falls, Oregon. Two siblings named Dipper and Mable Pines spent time with paranormal con-man Uncle Stan Pine. Stan Pine runs a mystery shack and Dipper notices supernatural and paranormal entities happen in Oregon. Series is created by Alex Hirsch and was inspired by his own childhood during summer vacations. Let’s talk about Season 1 of Gravity Falls episode “Fight Fighter”.

Episode starts off when Dipper starts being infatuated with Mystery Shack employee Wendy Corduroy. Wendy is seeing Robbie this cause jealously and anger in Dipper. Dipper picks a fight with Robbie and challenge him. Dipper plays Street Fighter parody called Fight Fighters. Rumble McSkirmish (parody of Ryu) get summon to fight Robbie for Dipper. Plot B Stan Pines is afraid of height and Mable tries to help him in an awkward way. Dipper is ready to fight but Rumble starts beating up Robbie. Dipper realize Rumble is taking things too far. Dipper fight rumble and wins the fight. Rumble disappears and the episode ends there. Fight Fighters pay homage to video games like Pac-Man, Super Mario and Street Fighter. I would highly recommended watching this episode for gamers alike.

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Street Fighter V Is Getting an Arcade Edition Not Surprised

Ladies and Gentlemen Capcom has did it again. Street Fighter V Arcade Edition is on the way. During Street Fighter VI release capcom is cash cowing fans.  DLCs for stages, characters and game mode to pay for extra content. Fans of the series are restless and paying for out of pocket. Although Street Fighter content is not free and customers should get what there are barging for. Capcom announced Street Fighter V Arcade Edition for Steam and PlayStation coming in 2018.  Upcoming content is coming to Street Fighter V Arcade Edition. SFV Arcade Edition will have new V Trigger moves. Extra battle modes such based on fan feedback. New user interface removing the old one and giving more life. Gallery mode for viewing concept art, character voices and etc.

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Video Game Journalism – Is It Fact or Is It Opinion?


News outlet are everywhere and cover anything type of trend such as video games, comics, anime, cartoons, entertainment and many more. Journalism in general only report the facts and some have opinion on the topic. Reading reviews, outlines, articles and editorials people tend to criticize the writer and go off of a tangent on what is being brought out. Journalism has change throughout decades now we got technology and the internet can we voice out their opinions. Video games news can come from prints and the World Wide Web. Magazines like GameFormer, Nintendo Power, Official Playstation and Xbox Magazines coverage basely every video games content there is. Without the internet or magazines we will have to watch TV to look up with is coming out. Video game magazines have everything you need to know about video games just like any other magazines. It contents reviews, editorial, interviews with developers and people, fan art or mail and coverage on the latest games. As myself I read these magazine and I was integrate by what does developers have to say about the game. Nowadays, you can find news on gaming by going to IGN, Kotaku, Gamespot, NG4, Sliconera and Polygon sites. What about the bloggers? I am a gaming blogger that reports on video games content and I am not working at a news company. Stating the fact and opinion is what I do and I don’t want to cause controversy and make anybody upset. I just like to write about video games and it’s my passion to do it. The gaming market is very saturated and it’s a hard niche to get notice if you are blogging.

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Indies of the Week #33 – Magic Indie Gaming Sunday

Welcome to another Indies of the Week #33 this Sunday. Today’s theme is magic, do you believe in magic in indies? Magic is what the tone of indies making say wow! Gameplay and characters (who are magican or heroes), take on you a magical journey. It’s the first of October and halloween is coming. Lets see what indies we have today:

9.  Darkestville Castle –  Epic LLama

Darkestville Castle is a point and click indie game. Darkestville is inspired by Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas, Monkey Island and Day of the Tentacle. The game pays homage to 90s point and click adventures. Players take the role of Ci, laid-back being of pure darkness that will see his evil routine life disrupted by The Romero brothers. Solve puzzles, meet interesting characters and enjoy 7 hours of gameplay. Darkestville Castle is awarded BEST GAME NARRATIVE indie game. If you want a captivating Tim Burton-ish story support Epic LLama and buy Darkestville Castle on Steam.






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